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CK-6K (小型賽車 KARTING)

CK-6K (小型賽車 KARTING)

帽體 Shell: Super cLc
規格 Standard: SNELL FIACMR 2016
尺碼 Size: XXS - L
日本製造. Made in Japan

專為兒童和青少年卡丁車手設計,舒適性和重量比SK-6更適合兒童和青少年。符合兒童和青少年卡丁車SNELL/ FIA CMR標準。

Designed specifically for junior kart racers who are too small to comfortably fit and/or support the weight of an adult model SK-6 karting helmet. Meets SNELL/FIA CMR standard for junior karting

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